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How do we transcribe Kirschner wire (K-wire) measurements?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Regardless of how doctor dictates K-wire measurement, the correct way of transcribing is 0.0XX (there should be a 0 after the decimal). Authors will usually say "six two K-wire" or "four five K-wire" - this should be typed as 0.062 and 0.045. There is no exception to this rule. K-wire is measured in inches of its diameter, so 6.2 inches would not make it a wire at all; even 0.62 inch would be pretty thick. Please do not forget to add the 0 after the decimal before you write the number. Some authors will even say "oh point four five" - will forget to add another "oh" after the "point," but you still have to type in that 0 after the decimal.

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